Preview of the Slot Game Nitropolis 4

According to the game’s slogan, “Welcome to the freak show,” players are in for the fourth nitro-fueled freakshow in the series. We’re talking about Nitropolis 4, the latest installment in ELK Studios’ post-human dystopia. Each previous Nitropolis release has been an intense, direct, and sometimes explosive ordeal, so fans are anticipating more of the same. Just glancing at the paytable should be enough to convince players that the commotion is back, with features like Nitro Boosters, Nitro Multipliers, Nitro Reels, Avalanches, Big Symbols, and two bonus games all vying for their attention.

In the last episode, we witnessed the dogs, rats, and cats leave the city for the hazardous coast. Their primary source of income seems to be marine resource exploitation, maybe including the digging up of green Nitro to power their vehicles. The studio may not know for sure, but it’s a place where they could film some new dystopian scenery and let the animals explore. Again, Nitropolis 4’s soundtrack does not disappoint, being a whole mishmash of bleeps, voiceovers, and heavy-duty industrial melodies not unlike to what Trent Reznor or Rob Zombie may have come up with. When you combine all of these elements, you get greater chaos in the Nitro style. Let the games begin.

But before we get to it, we need to take care of some housekeeping. To do this, either activate the X-iter and play with one of its five feature purchase choices, or place a wager ranging from 20 pence to fifty pounds or euros each spin. No matter what, gamers can expect a wild ride with a theoretical return value of 94%. When you press the spin button, the grid will automatically be set to a 6-reel, 4-symbol configuration, for a total of 4,096 possibilities to win. However, as witnessed in prior games, Nitro Reels and the overall increasing reel dynamic may swiftly obliterate those statistics, particularly methods to win.

Nitropolis 4 generally pays right to left beginning with the first reel, but with the Both Ways option activated, winnings can also occur from the right side of the screen beginning with the sixth reel. Standard pay symbols require at least three to form a winning combination. Low values are represented by the J through A playing card ranks; intermediate values by four gang emblems; and high values by four character symbols. When you get six of a kind, you get paid 0.3x for royals, 0.8-1x for logos, and 1.25-3x for premiums. The wild tile, which looks like a spikey mine, can appear on any of the reels. When a victory involves a wild, it is worth the same as if the highest-valued symbol had been used instead.

Slot Machine Features in Nitropolis 4

Since this is a fully loaded ELK Studios slot, there is a lot of ground to cover as the action begins to get up. The Avalanche mechanism is the foundation upon which we will build. When a win occurs, the winning symbols are taken off the board and new symbols are added. When the number of rows exceeds 8, an extra reel is added to the top. During this time, wins with Nitro Reels and Nitro Multipliers will trigger a respin. When no more winning combos can be made, the avalanche stops.

Massive Symbols

It is possible for either 2×2 Super Symbols or 3×3 Mega Symbols to emerge during any spin or symbol drop. A Big Symbol might appear in place of a pay symbol or the wild.

Insanely Fun Nitro Reels

Nitro Reels can appear on any reel and take up two spaces on the board. It’s possible to get 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 standard-sized payoff symbols on each Nitro Reel. The six-position Big Nitro Reels may hold 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 2×2 payout symbols.

Gasoline Multiplier

In addition to covering two spots, Nitro Multipliers count as a single symbol and increase the value of any victory they contribute to. Multiplicative values of x4, x6, x8, x10, and x12 can be found in this range.

Spark Plugs

There are two screens located above the grid that can give you Nitro Booster bonuses. There are 8 outcomes that might occur. This includes:

If there are no more winning combinations, the symbols on the reels will be “redropped,” meaning that only the Bonus symbols and Nitro Reels will be kept.

Payouts for grid victories go both ways.

Removes symbols from the grid at random, leading to an Avalanche.

The maximum number of rows is 8, and the grid fills the entire space.

A Nitro Reel of any size appears on the board and the Nitro power is activated.

When a Nitro Reel is in view, the Nitro Wild feature causes it to be populated by wild symbols. This feature is saved until a Nitro Reel arrives or the current game round expires if none is currently available.

Value of every visible Nitro Reel is boosted by one. This feature is saved until a Nitro Reel arrives or the current game round expires if none is currently available.

With Nitro Match, a winning combination is formed when a symbol on one Nitro Reel is identical to one on another. If a successful combination cannot be made, the selected Nitro Reel will be paired with the next highest neighboring symbol, and if it doesn’t work, the highest adjacent symbol. This feature is saved until a Nitro Reel arrives or the current game round expires if none is currently available.

Extra Round

Free games may be won by getting 3, 4, 5, or 6 bonus symbols anywhere in the game, including during the main game and when free games are already in progress. During the duration of the free spins bonus, the Nitro Reels will remain in place. Every time you win, the grid expands by one row until it reaches the maximum of eight rows that are considered safe. The Super Bonus Game is granted if the triggering symbols contain a Super Bonus symbol. In this iteration, both Max Rows and Both Ways are always in play.


The X-iter feature enables the following five game modes for users to choose from:

With Bonus Hunt, you may double your money for a spin and more than double your chances of unlocking the bonus round.

If you use two Nitro Booster features during a single spin, your wager will be multiplied by 10.

With Max Rows and Both Ways enabled, you may activate Super Spin and win 25 times your wager.

A 100x bonus on your stake will get you into the bonus round.

Super Bonus Game Access may be purchased at 500 times the initial wager.

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