Polo Bingo Evaluation

“It’s time to play,” Polo Bingo’s official slogan cheerfully proclaims. As any passionate lover of bingo and casino websites, we surely hope so. The webpage makes it quite clear that this is the place to go if you consider yourself as a professional gamer. Rather than a website crammed with information and presented in an overpowering manner, Polo Bingo’s mandate is clearly to keep things sleek and, although not minimalist, definitely not crowded.

The primary slider image in the center of the landing page – the one that rotates – is superior than the majority, and for various reasons. To begin, the quality of the imagery used is significantly higher than that of many other sites we’ve encountered, and the images actually change with rotation—many competitors clearly have a slider function, as this is well-known, but fail to upload more than one image, resulting in a static screen.

To the right of these is a very slim navigation bar with buttons to Join Now and Promotion. This looks pretty beautiful, however one thing we would point out is that the menu bar is not the most visible, which means that it is easy to overlook this section entirely, or at the very least not realize that these alternatives exist. Simply put, it’s a razor-thin line between cool design and impracticality, but we’d argue that this one falls on the former.

What About Games, if Not Design?

It’s a reasonable question, and one for which we’ll go directly to the solution. Simply said, in addition to the menu’s short size, the real information about the games available is also rather missing. Below the slider picture are several tiny thumbnail photos showcasing a variety of the games available, but this is obviously not the whole range that will be available after you join up—more it’s of a sample.

This is, in many respects, another design issue – most people want to know precisely what they’re getting for signing up, and by omitting a complete rundown of what’s included, many gamers are reluctant to bother registering an account until they fully grasp what’s included.

Below these images are some extra promos, albeit there are just two here, which is a rather tiny quantity by any measure. Having said that, the little menu bar we highlighted earlier does have some modest review results for the site, which are 9.5 out of 10 for outstanding (it’s unclear where this came from), indicating that the website has been highly regarded by reviewers such as ourselves.

Bingo by clicking

If you click on Bingo in the top menu row – not the little one to the left of the slider picture — things get a bit more obvious, which is fantastic. 90-Ball Bingo, 75-Ball Bingo, Guaranteed Bingo, and Bingo Chat Rooms are all available on the site. All very self-explanatory, this is a far better and more diverse collection than we’re used to seeing, and goes some way toward encouraging us – and most likely you – to create an account.

Slot Machines and More

If you click on the Slots option in the top menu row, you will instantly be presented with a list of the available slots. We’re huge fans of slots in general, and the selection here is rather broad, and that’s just in the Online Slots category. There are several excellent titles available in the selection, and it well exceeds the usual bingo site. Additionally, slots are not the sole option. To access a very small but well diverse selection of casino games, click on Online Casino. These include Baccarat, American Roulette, Deal or No Deal, European Roulette, French Roulette, Live Blackjack, and Deuces Wild.

Next to this, you may click on Instant Wins to see all of the available instant win games. Again, we’re huge fans of instant wins since they’re really playable and, as the name implies, give an immediate opportunity to win. There aren’t many of them, but the ones that are available are extremely stunning.

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